Tips to be more creative

Do you feel like you are running out of ideas?

Every great event has a starting point: its creative idea. The problem is when we feel that we always come back to the same concept or that the ideas are finished.

Do not worry. We have all been there.

To avoid falling into that place, today we share with you an inspiring guide, written by Austin Kleon, which proposes ten transformative principles to enhance creativity.

1_steals like an artist

The author starts from the premise that nothing is original. All creative work is built on something precedent. Our job is to collect good ideas, study the works of those we admire and learn from them.

2_don’t wait to find out who you are to start with

Everything is learned little by little . Be inspired by your idols, look through their eyes and transform their work into something different. It is in the act of creating things that we begin to discover who we are.

3_write the book you want to read

When you don’t know how to go on ask yourself “what would be the best story?”

4_use your hands

Step away from the screen. Uses analog tools for the creative process and the computer only for editing or publishing.

5_side projects and hobbies are important

The projects you start as a game are the ones that are worthwhile: that’s is where the magic happens.

6_the secret: work hard and share your work

At first, darkness is good. Use it and enjoy it while it lasts, as it will be a place to experiment. Find people with the same passions and share your work with them.

7_geography is no longer our master

Thanks to the Internet, it is no longer necessary to live in the same place to connect with the world you want to be part of. And if you are not physically in the world you would like to be in, create your own. Enjoy your solitude, but also get out of the house and out of your comfort zone.

8be kind (it’s a small world)

Make friends and ignore your enemies. Surround yourself with talented people. Accept that not everyone will understand you. Be comfortable with being misunderstood or ignored: never seek external validation.

9Be boring (it’s the only way to do your job).

It takes a lot of energy to be creative, don’t waste it on other things. Organize your work and goals with a calendar.

10_creativity is subtraction

Choose wisely what to leave out. Nothing is more paralyzing than having too many options. Accept your limitations and don’t stop creating.

“Steal like an artist,” by Austin Kleon. A book for more than one reading.

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