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Welcome to Dicom_events!

We challenge the status quo and take your brand to the next level with innovation, rebellion, creativity and consistency.

Our manifesto:

  1. We don’t like to be monotonous or basic.

    Our team knows no limits. What about you?

  2. We’re not about messing around.

    We create brand environments that tell stories, connect emotions and transform spaces.

  3. Locations do matter to us.

    We turn unthinkable places into dream locations and that really makes a difference.

  4. We are not just of the ephimeral.

    We take care of every detail to create memorable experiences.
    The ones that are talked about long after the event is over.

  5. We don’t like to be impersonal.

    On a personal level, we prefer long-term relationships and aim for a long-lasting relationship with our client.

  6. We are not suppliers.

    Call us your partners. We become part of your team and engage with you to make the process easier for you.

Did you know we are behind these projects?

This is not a marketing strategy to seduce you, we do take our projects very seriously.

Are we aligned?

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We develop integral projects in-house, with creativity and innovation as our core. We are your trusted partner.

More than 25 years
on the go

We don’t like to talk about ourselves, so we’ve left it to them…

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