Why it is in your company’s interest to hold an event

6 reasons why it is in your best interest to hold an event

Today we bring you the reasons why it is necessary and important to make a corporate event for your company. A presentation, a convention, a congress and even parties that end in the wee hours of the morning are events that are created and organized to meet certain company objectives.

We want to delve into those reasons and arguments why we believe and know that you have to make a corporate event.

1_communication is a must

Your company is like a big machine, all the gears must work together to achieve a good result. Events can be a very good communication tool to reflect this philosophy. The objective is for people to work taking into account their place within the large chain and not to work in an individualistic way, which will result in not achieving the maximum possible result.

2_team building

Large companies with many different departments find it more difficult to get to know each other. It is not uncommon to end up having a closer relationship with the people who are part of your team. However, this can be avoided by organizing events, also known as teambuildings. The goal is to meet more employees and finally put a face to those people who you would only recognize by their email signature.

After putting faces to everyone, we would find another very important reason: to build community. The better the relationship between workers, the better the work performance, they will support each other when they have a problem and there will be a better atmosphere in the office. And all these things are built little by little, creating interpersonal relationships. This type of event will help to build a stronger bond and trust among all of us.

3_reinvent or die

Companies are born with a clear objective, and if your business plan is strategic it will make you last in time. However, it is impossible not to reinvent yourself over the years. Companies must update their strategies as the market does in order to survive in an increasingly competitive world. As well as event agencies used to doing face-to-face events and with a large number of attendees, we learned to coexist with virtual events, making the most of the content so as not to lose the entertainment of face-to-face events.

It is essential that all the changes that are made reach the knowledge of all the people that make up the company. Events can be used to communicate these changes in the company’s direction and to keep everyone up to date on the current situation of their own company.

4_training will set us free

Each company has its own processes and a different way of working. Any training you offer your team will be returned to you in the form of results. Train everyone who walks through your door and leave the silly week of knowing how it’s going behind. Create training events to explain your way of working and listen to their opinions, for sure it will bring you a lot and the external opinions will enrich you a lot. And don’t forget those people who have been there for so many years, sometimes a refresher doesn’t hurt; especially in those fields where it is vital to be aware of all the new techniques and trends that are coming to the market.

5_may the force be with you

Holding an event is always a symbol of strength. Events such as anniversary celebrations, Christmas parties… They are encounters that can be of different sizes and help to create the perception with which your competitors see you. Promoting your company through social events gives you a lot of visibility of your brand and strength to other companies in the same sector. In addition, if the event is aimed at an external audience, that is, consumers and potential consumers, the support of a communication strategy to your event will help you generate more visibility, more interaction and that feeling of “I have to be there” and therefore the love of your brand will increase exponentially.

6_thank you!

A company would not be possible without all the people who make it up. The hard work and efforts of our employees pay off year after year. What better way than to hold an event to congratulate everyone for reaching and even improving on the goals set. It is very important to give them the recognition they deserve to help motivate them in their day-to-day work. We are all people and just as there are “problems” when something goes wrong, you have to know how to take your hat off when you have done a good job.

In the end, you have to take into account one of your most important assets: your employees. Take care of them and value them. Without them you are nobody.

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