New year, new trends

Further growth for the sector and trends that will be strong in 2023

After difficult years, due to the Pandemic, the events sector has been gradually recovering, and is even expected to grow even more by 2023. Companies are increasingly realizing the importance of connecting with their targets in an emotional way and aligning their brand positioning to the needs of their target audience through this type of activations. Unique experiences that help you connect in a more natural, closer and less publicized way with your customers and/or teams.

Let’s get to know the main trends that are making their way strongly in the sector in 2023!

1_artificial intelligence:

Known as the combination of algorithms designed with the purpose of creating machines that have the same capabilities as human beings. The sector will take advantage of this technology to facilitate processes. Such as: registration automation, chatbots interaction, profile verification, security requirements or data protection.


2_Augmented reality:

Term used to describe the set of technologies that allow a user to visualize part of the real world through a technological device with graphical information added by the user. It is expected that in the coming years, it will be increasingly used. In the sector will be used to different experiences such as product demonstrations product demonstrations, virtual tours and interactive maps.

3_data driven:

A data-driven approach allows companies to examine and organize their data in order to better serve their customers and consumers. This trend will act as an opportunity to an opportunity to collect and analyze data at events that will later serve for networking, customer prospecting, social media interaction and personalization of experiences in future meetings.

4_Sustainable events:

Those that are designed and organized to meet two objectives: to minimize all negative impacts on the environment on the environment and to leave a beneficial legacy for the community and all stakeholders involved. This point will be one of the inherent adjectives of every event in 2023, from conception to execution.


Set of strategies and actions that allow us to offer a differentiated range of products and services for each customer. This means putting the focus on the who rather than on the what This means putting consumers rather than products at the center of campaigns. In future years we will see how unique experiences will be created for each attendee.

We are eager to continue incorporating these new technologies and the facilities provided by technological advances to our events, where the hybrid format between technology and presence is increasingly present.

Source: Omnitel

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