Key points about Emotional Intelligence

A podcast to manage our emotions in stressful situations

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand, use and manage our emotions in different situations. In an industry where stress and changes of plans are regular occurrences, it is very important for people to know how to develop these skills.

Today we share with you an episode that focuses on some of these aspects.

Key points:

Due to its wide reach, the use of podcasts has become a favorite form of content delivery over the past few years. Some turn to them to stay informed, entertained or inspired. Others simply to isolate themselves from the world.

  • Self-knowledge. Mastering our emotions will help us achieve excellence.
  • Self-awareness. It is important to recognize our emotions in order to perceive messages from our inner/outer world. This will generate wisdom and good judgment.
  • Self-regulation. We must always control our impulses.
  • Reliability. It is essential to focus on maintaining standards.
  • Flexibility. We must always be prepared to adapt to change.
  • Innovation. Always being open to new ideas/information available will help us achieve better results.
  • Self-motivation. We must use our energy with a specific direction and purpose.
  • Empathy. We must always put ourselves in the other person’s shoes. Never fail to perceive the other person’s experience. Avoid being too imprudent and inopportune when relating to others.
  • Emotional attitude. It helps us to create qualities in our mind to generate self-confidence. When you are full of energy and calm you perceive the world in a different way than when you are sad or tired. It is important to control this so that a situation does not affect us for the worse.

Podcast of the Day: Event Planning | Wilbing (Kassie Ramirez)

Episode: Emotional Intelligence in Event Organization.

Listen to the magic of the audio here.

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