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CUPRA Unstoppable Impulse 22′

Motor & lifestyle press.
Terramar Circuit, Sitges.

Four years after the launch of CUPRA, we return to the Terramar Circuit to present its vision of the future and to present the heroes of the new generation.

An unconventional 6-day event, attended by more than 4,200 people, management, press and institutions, commercial team, dealers and CUPRA Masters.

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Three months. That is the time in which we designed and built in record time more than 20,000 square meters of CUPRA essence at the Terramar Circuit.

The 36 days prior to the event, the circuit underwent a total transformation, with the construction and conditioning of ephemeral spaces.

The lower tier became a garage of emotions where a graffiti with luminescent paint welcomed the attendees. Accompanied by projections and lasers.

Cement, wood, oil blue metal, copper, carbon fiber stained the entire space. The beginning of an immersive journey that has only just begun.

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The Prisma, the mirror building that was integrated and camouflaged with the landscape. A large ephemeral construction where guests are reflected in CUPRA as the brand is reflected in them.

Here they discovered the future of the brand, its path towards electrification and the new heroes of the new generation. A presentation space where there were different reveals with the new models of its range and the CUPRA UrbanRebel model was discovered after an experience with Virtual Reality glasses.

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The terrace was located in the Curva peraltada “the curve where you need maximum momentum to overcome it” and for this reason we were present there.

An area where the Mediterranean spirit was transmitted as CUPRA does from Barcelona.

The attendees tasted a gastronomic menu and set by the CUPRA ambassador of Israel, Marina Maximilian, and Dj’s of Primavera Sound.

The night culminated with a colossal videomapping and all CUPRA racing cars interacting with the projections.

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