Phonetastic + DICOM Events: what a couple!

DICOM Events is part of the development of the Phonetastic Sitges Mobile Film Festival, the first festival of short films made by mobile phones and tablets, together with Phonetastic S.L. and the Festival of Sitges, Mobile World capital as partner promoter of the contest and the collaboration of the agency Sr. Watson.

For the first contest we design and produce an interactive cube where all the selected short films were projected. There the visitors could test a giant prototype of Phonetastic App to come out into mobile devices. Likewise, Sitges’s Festival programmed the projection of 25 short films admitted to competition in this first edition.

The other side

The winner was The other side, a terror story shot entirely with an iPhone 5. Directed by Conrad Mess based in a story tale written by Marina Gómez and realized using the same technologies and skills for filming for cinema, but exclusive thinking about Phonetastic.

Next year will bring more so… long life to the cinema, in the mobile!

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